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Canadian Hornet Extension Program

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23 minutes ago, Slater said:

 I thought Canada bought some clapped-out Australian Hornets for spares also?



Whoa there Hoss, clapped out!!!!

here at Oz Planes R Us we sell only quality runners, hardly used except on Sundays and sometimes on holidays. 😉


Our previous big sale to Pakistan of quality used Mirage IIIO's was so good they used them for a further 30 years from purchase, of course speculation is that we never really got paid for them

most of the buys for Canada are getting updated to as are their own aircraft, I think all the ones they are acquiring have had the centre barrel refurb done (all done in Canada), and 2 so far have gone into the active Canadian inventory.


and if they were so clapped out, why are US buyers getting most of the rest?



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12 minutes ago, Graeme H said:

here at Oz Planes R Us we sell only quality runners,



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3 hours ago, Slater said:

My mistake. I should have said "gently used" :D

That technically applies to the pilots only.

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If someone is interested the Finnish Air Force F-18s have been through Structural Refurbishment Program. It did not include any central barrel replacement. 

National (Finland) ICAF reports describing it are available online:


(2017) https://www.vttresearch.com/sites/default/files/julkaisut/muut/2017/ICAF_Doc2433_Finland_Review_2017.pdf


Especially Chapter 2.3.1 may be of interest. I notice with interest the Figure 17 of the report (FEM results of Bulkhead Y488). I did bond the boron patches on the first test specimens years ago while still working in Helsinki University of Technology. The test specimen design, manufacture etc was by others.


Other year reports are somewhat of the same but also informative:

2013: https://www.vttresearch.com/sites/default/files/julkaisut/muut/2013/ICAF_FinlandReview_2013_issue1_3April13.pdf

2019 (does not dowload into browser): https://cris.vtt.fi/files/24743703/ICAF_Finland_Review_2019.pdf


They also include information about Hawk (Mk 51, 51A and 66), NH-90 helicopter etc.





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57 minutes ago, Truro Model Builder said:

If the routine by the Finnish F-18 at Fairford last year is anything to go the software upgrade was certainly worth it. :yikes:

The Swiss had the same one, and yes, spectacular!

They opened up the flight envelooe a bit.... :)


wonder why only after 35 years in service though ;)



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