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Recovery vehicle and drone

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And here we go again. 


Yes, it's yet another kreiger scratchbuild. No, as usual I'm not quite sure how it's going to turn out, but I do have a plan (subject to change as always).

Consider the battlefield. After the flash bangs and screaming is over, there is always kit to be recovered for salvage or repair.

Who does that job? Most model builders focus on the flash bang stuff, but I thought I'd try a bit of recovery work.


Hover, tracks or wheels? Of the three I thought the track made the best sense, they should handle most terrains, and a crane doesn't really work in hover mode.

So lets start with a box of bits and haul out some T-54 parts.



A 1/35th Trumpeter T-54 chassis. Though I've done a cut'n'shut and got rid of a roadwheel mount each side. So we're down to eight instead of ten.

Why? well it makes it shorter, and I only have eight wheels anyway! So they're single wheels on each axle and not in pairs.

Plus I'm not using the original tracks, pairs would be too wide for them. The plastic is quite soft to cut, BTW.



And this is where I ended up. The drive sprocket (at the rear here) is from a Sherman derivative, The front idler wheel is made from two disparate parts and the tracks

are also sourced from a Sherman type. If memory serves it was an Italeri recovery Tank.



An overview shows what I have in mind. I think the engine decking is ex King tiger. The crane was on a multiwheeled Kibri truck.

The crane needs to be on a raised platform. That will be next up. The vehicle then needs to be generally 'kreigered' to make it fit in to that world.

As always, comments are very welcome. Thanks for looking, Pete.



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Thanks for the likes, Guys. Since the pictures I've sorted out the engine decking and that grey bit at the back has been fitted.

It's some sort of grille affair from an unknown kit so will be the radiator unit. I did a bit of the crane today, but got interrupted by visitors.

I put in a cheeky bid for some spares on the bay last night and this morning, to my surprise, I found that I'd won.

It's a load of Humvee bits in 1/35th and I think the roof section with the gunners' cut out will work here as the crane mounting.

Delivery should be around next Wednesday so I'll have to work around that bit for now, if I can.


In the meantime then, I'll be working on the crane and another drone. A small one this time, if all goes to plan. 

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While I'm waiting for the Humvee bits to turn up, this is what I've been doing.

I can't see why radio controlled or small autonomous aircraft wouldn't be used in the Ma.k universe for battlefield surveillance.

I've had this small scale Transall for some time. I think the need to go above 20 pounds for free postage on the big river made me get it!



I've cut off the cockpit section and added (I think) the nose from a Matchbox Meteor NF14. It looks like their plastic anyway.

There's half a drop tank on the spine behind that and another bit where the ramp is. That's Humbrol filler all over the nose.

The fuselage shell is quite thin plastic with no location pins, so I added tabs as on a vacform, which helped a lot.



Another angle. I thought as this is a proven Airframe design, a similar format might reappear in the future as it could be ideal for the task.



This will be to go with my 1/20th scale figures, which means it would be a fairly big R/C type for them and may well need rough field capability.

Therefore the original u/c is no good, hence the gear stuck into the wings. I've added winglets at the ends for stability and a couple of underwing pods.

There's a lot more work to be done on this and the size of the parts is a challenge, but I'm having fun, and that's the main thing.

Thanks for looking. Pete

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Well that was a good day for droning on. I've decided that the Drone goes with the recovery vehicle. 

The battle is over, where are the bits we want? Will Ma.k stuff have recovery beacons? Can someone nip off and find out?

Instead of spending half the day searching the battlefield, send up the drone, pinpoint what you want, go straight there. 

It's the future so they need to save time. (ahem).



Anyone still awake might notice the red bulges on the side of the drone.  Half drop tanks, Sidescan Radar? Probably.

If the drone goes with the 'tank' then it'll need a trailer to go from site to site. Ignore that small one at the top. Too small.

The girder things were Airfix Signal gantry parts. We're going for the full Derek Meddings look here!



The chassis for the trailer is circular sprue/runner. I thought I'd taken a picture, tsk.

On the left, the towbar is an old German railway station gantry. The wheels will go pretty much where this one is.

The bolt heads on top of the fuselage would be to bolt the wings on, but I'm having second thoughts about them.



I'm happy with the fuselage stowage (I've shifted Aircraft bits in the past so I've copied what I've used).

The sprue chassis can been seen here. I need to sort out some stowage for the wings on the trailer sides.



Just a close up of the fuselage cradles. The chassis still needs suspension, an axle, a parking brake and a jockey wheel.

And then I'll need to sort out a towbar for the recovery vehicle. BTW, That is a Humvee wheel.


The Humvee bits turned up today. Despite the next Tuesday delivery forecast. All the way from Cornwall, Well done Royal Mail!

So I've got all the parts I need, I'd better get on with it then!






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Well, I said I'd get on with it, so I did.


Here's the sprue chassis for the trailer. I've added a Humvee crossmember and 1/32nd Airfix VW suspension and those are the Humvee wheels.



And the ex Eisenbahn drawbar. It swivels up and down and just needs a ring to fit onto the tow hook.



I needed mudguards. What to use? How about Airfix tiger tank turret parts? I stretched some sprue and glued it to the flange where the turret base fits.

A bit or two of plastic card and Viola! The one on the left doesn't have the sprue attached. The other one now has a nice rolled lip to the arch.



Here we are fitted. You can also see the wing racks that I've made up.



And in close up. I'm rather pleased with how they came out.



And this is how it all fits together. I also removed two of those boltheads on the drones spine. I'm happier with it now.



It needs wind down feet at each end, hence the wooden block. The idea is the crane would lift off the fuselage and the wings are moved manually.



I know the legs stick out a bit (They would really be unbolted) but that's the 'tank' hull in front and it's about the same width.

I need to get back to the recovery vehicle soon but we're out tomorrow so it will be a few days before there's anything more for you.

Until then, thanks for looking. Stay safe and party on. Dude. (Apparently). Pete


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'Pete the prolific', that's you mate!


If we all clubbed together and sent you everybodies spares and scrap, do you think you could knock us out a full sized 'mech by next Tuesday?


The build is going along very nicely btw.

@Gorby is right though, it wants a diorama!


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So you want a diorama then? I'm glad we cleared that one up. Here's yet another update.

Painting garden furniture has slowed me down this week, but I've managed to do a fair bit since the last update.


Here's the drone, painted and decalled at last. I've decided the engines would be electric. There are small solar panels near the wing root.



Yes, there's a gap at the wing roots, can't do much about that as they need to be removeable. I think the 'solar panels' were Japanese Phantom 'no step' stencils.





Packed up and ready to go. The trailer got painted pale green and I've dirtied it up a bit with a pale brown.



In the equipment trough we have ancient Airfix sacks as sandbags and the brown round things are rollup filters painted with thinned brown acrylic.



This bit is made up of parts from various kits. The black bits are elbow cushions (I've seen them on other AFV's) made from laptop rubber feet.



Here's the front end. In the hole are some greeblies. Once the part seen above is fitted these greeblies may never be seen again!



See what I mean? BTW, at the front, the sloping bit is (I think) German halftrack. The rest of the bodywork is Humvee. 



At the back we have the Humvee tailgate sporting a Panzer engine grille. The sides are Panzer track guards.



The crane sits on the circular hole on top of the Humvee. Would you believe an Airfix Tiger turret base fits that hole exactly?

I then stuck a Panzer roadwheel on top of that as a swivel for the crane. The track drive cog (RH end here)  is missing on all these pictures, in case you were wondering.

And that's where it's at for the moment. It will have storage boxes etc down both sides very soon.

One thing is, I'm not so convinced that it fits into the kreiger universe as it's quite 'blocky' and not 'organic' in shape. I need to have a think about that.

And, the white filler down the sides is Perfect Plastic Putty. The first time I've used it. Quite impressive stuff. Makes an easy change from Humbrol filler.

Thanks very much for looking. Comments and questions are always welcomed. Pete

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On 25/06/2020 at 12:30, Pete in Lincs said:

One thing is, I'm not so convinced that it fits into the kreiger universe as it's quite 'blocky' and not 'organic' in shape. I need to have a think about that.

Not Maschinen krieger?

NOT maschinen krieger?!


Well then, what might it have been before being adapted to its current task?

I would think either construction or DE-construction.

Possibly a scrapyard mule?

(Do you have those over there?)



Ex military, repurposed for working scrap and then resurrected for the military again...

So, paint over patches, cobble jobs and rust?

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I've been working on it, off and on, since my last post. I was also looking at some kreiger history. Yes, this is cobbled together from disparate parts like a typical kreiger.

But it's not rounded/organic looking and covered in pipes etc. So I was having doubts. And, there are very few tracked vehicles in the kreiger universe.

But, The way it's now developing, it's designed to be a 'service vehicle', to do a job. It's not a fighting vehicle but simply a tool, if you like.

Support three or four people while they use the crane to recover items from a battlefield of rough terrain.

So, I'll carry on as is and maybe add a few pipes and tubes and we'll see what happens as always.

1 hour ago, Tzulscha said:

Not Maschinen krieger?

NOT maschinen krieger?!

Sorry, perhaps the heat made me do it? A few days of near 30 degrees C. I'm not used to it anymore! I'm familiar with the term scrapyard mule. Nice crane truck, BTW.


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52 minutes ago, Pete in Lincs said:

 Nice crane truck, BTW.

I should hasten to point out that it ain't mine.

I just pinched the piccy off google as an example.

Our local junkyard has a mule made out of an old Caddie with truck tyres and a wrecker boom onna back but I can't find any photos online of something like that.

Ya'd think they were ashamed of it...

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Well it's Monday (I think) so I'm in the mood for an update. Let the pictures begin!



Detail shots are below, this is just to set the mood. Most of the greeblies you see here and the track are temporarily in place for these pictures.



The different colours of plastic should show how many different kit bits I've used. Cobbled together exhaust & Soviet fueltank.



Front LH side with a bit of stowage. The side skirts are obviously ex Panzer. 



The mudguards/fenders are ex Soviet with the ribs sanded off. The bullbar on the front was a bit of sprue/runner.



At the back we have the tow hook. I've kept it simple so I can add/remove the trailer easily.



RH rear. More Soviet fuel tanks and various grilles. The sideskirts help to hide the track a bit. It's not very flexible & will probably be glued to the wheels.



Some of the crane greeblies. I'll add some wires too.



RH top deck and someone left the hatch open.



I thought I'd show the extent of my jib (f'naar!) It's propped up with a cocktail stick here (Ouch). (Ignore that bloke in the mirror, Again!)

It will have a cable fitted once its painted. I can't paint the bits that telescope in & out as they are a very tight fit. (Snort!). Where's @CedB when you need him?

Kids & Grandkids are over tomorrow so no modelling for me :sad: but lots of playing Monsters and chasing around :happy:

The model needs some primer and fiddly bits adding before a final scheme. What that will be I have yet to decide!

That's your lot for now. Thanks for looking and comments/donations/Chocolate Digestives are always welcome.



P.S. Bear in mind that the Kibri crane was 1/87th (HO) scale!



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Thanks, Guys. Yep, Grand Daughters were ace. Grand Son is now three months old and his facial recognition system has kicked in so I get big smiles. AAAAH.

Back at work as from today, as some idiot decreed that the pubs will reopen. After three months off I've been shifting barrels and cases of booze all day. ACHE!

As proof, on Faceache, check out The Golden Eagle, High st, Lincoln for pics of yours truly. Tracy, the landlady was so pleased to get a delivery!

The build will continue ASAP as I'm enjoying it but work has priority. Sorry.

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