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Hasegawa 1/48 Sabre MK4 RAF

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There are four main wingtips on F-86A/E/F:


1. F-86A/E, narrow-chord with flush navigation light.

2. Late F-86E & F-86F (narrow-chord), with domed nav light (wingtip basically same size as F-86A/E)

3. '6-3' wingtip: as (2) above but basically 3 inches longer.

4. 'F-40' type; the only wingtip to extend the full chord of the wing - this is because the aileron doesn't extend to the end of the wing on F-40-winged Sabres.


So if you see a wingtip with the aileron included it indicates the likelihood of a second version having something other than an aileron that extends to the wingtip...

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5 hours ago, Troy Smith said:


I'm not well versed in Sabre detail, so perhaps you can clarify an aspect of the above comment,  from looking at this



the long span Norwegian variant you mention, does that have a slatted wing? 


And, if so, are the slats the same as the original narrow wing?    Which is a clumsy way to ask if there is a long wing Norwegian Sabre,  would this then need a slatted wing, and could this then be modified back to the original wing plan? 


As an aside, I know that Hasegawa (and Revell reboxed)  a version of the F 86-F30 kit, as a Canadair Mk.6 and with resin wing tips, as a F 86-F40,  did they just ignore the need for slats?  

I'll put a @Sabrejetin as well,   



Not all Sabre 4s had slatted wings. Some left the factory with the 6-3 hard wing, a lot were retrofitted with it. 

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4 hours ago, Silver Fox said:

only little of bit of this I can help with is that the Revell re-box  of the Hasegawa kit ignored the slats. IIRC they just provided the wing tips in resin. 

Not quite, the slat is scribed in on the hasegawa kits, just not open.

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