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The Camel that nearly broke my back!

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Well, thank goodness I came through that.

I haven't built a biplane for over 40 years and I still remember the nightmare of attaching the top wing; 'It can't still be that bad, surely.' I thought...

Well it nearly hit the round filing cabinet a number of times, and I'm still unhappy that the top wing is set too far back, however I am happy that I have developed (Plan F) a workable method to affix the top wing, in addition to that I have come across a number of issues, such as :

Humbrol Clear gloss acrylic dries like thin porridge, Humbrol Clear matt dries like a ploughed field - probably all down to me but I will approach with care in future.

On the plus side I have survived my first attempt at rigging, used a whole pack of 0.02 MIG Rigging as I climbed the learning cliff, but got there in the end.

I had my first attempt at simulating wood, thanks to a brilliant tutorial on Youtube by Dave's Model Workshop, I am pretty pleased with my first go.

I also have the SE5a in my stash but I feel that it may wait a little while before I can face starting it.

_DSC1499 _DSC1498 _DSC1497 _DSC1496 _DSC1495


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Sometimes with a challenging kit the best I can say is that I finished it. On the other hand, yours looks very good to me. I've never even attempted a biplane and the idea of trying to rig one is the main reason why. I commend you for persevering and seeing this one through. 

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