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Meteor NF11 colours

Lord Riot

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Can anyone tell me which of these colours (or a different one?) would be best to achieve the camouflage colours on the Meteor night fighter in the photo? I'm assuming RAF dark green is ok (albeit satin, not gloss, but allowing for scale perhaps that's ok?) 


Not sure which grey is best. The ghost looks closer but the decal instructions say medium sea grey, yet it looks a bit dark to me.






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Official colour scheme for early Meteor NF was in overall Medium Sea Grey with bands on the uppersurfaces in Dark Green.

Later the scheme changed with upper surfaces in Dark Green and Dark Sea Grey and lower surfaces in Medium Sea Grey. The aicraft in the picture however are in the earlier scheme.

Those were the actual colours used on these aircraft, in modelling terms you may desire to lighten them a bit but depends on what painting technique you employ and if you believe in "scale effect". In any case you will not go wrong using the correct colours.

Keep in mind that Medium Sea Grey can look dark or light depending on where it's used: in combination with darker colours, for example on the lower surfaces of WW2 RAF fighters, looks quite light. When used with lighter greys (like in some air superiority schemes) can look dark. It is however always the same colour

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