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Hi Guys 

1/48 scale Italeri Kit of F-86 E "Sabre"  Mk6 , I have decaled it to represent German Airforce, JG-71, 1st Staffeln, Oldenburg 1957, Kit Number 2636, I tend to buy a lot of my kits of Trade me 2nd hand, consequently they tend to be a bit older.

currently working on a

Revell Victor 1/72 scale, Got a thing for "V" Bombers

1/72 scale Mk 1 Sunderland and a

1/48 scale Supermarine Hunter. 

Very keen to do a Vulcan (Airfix new tool) as my father was at RNZAF Ohakea when the Vulcan pranged at the opening of Wellington Airport in the '59 and crash landed at Ohakea, damaging one wing. For many years we had a piece of the wing skin (yes super secret back in '59) in the shed not sure where it went, I am of the understanding that it was donated to the Airforce Museum at Ohakea which then was amalgamated with the National Airforce museum at Wigram, Christchurch. would be interested if someone out there could fill in the blanks. Have watched a couple of YT Clips of the prang had potential to be fairly severe bingle.

Cheers George

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