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Mercedes CLK-GTR

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Hi All,


This is another one that I bought a while back (Late 90's, early 00's?) and decided that I need to get going with it again.

First, the box art:



Brutally Handsome (Hotel California).

The engine had been built a while ago, and primed, but not painted.

I sprayed the entire built engine (as far as it had got) in Zero paints aluminium:



On small components, like the suspension above, I like to paint them matt-black, then aluminium and other metallic colours. The metallic colours come up really well painted over matt black.

It's a trick I learnt from my son who was at one time really into Warhammer. There they paint the figures black, the paint the metallic armour over that.

After I had sprayed the engine aluminium, I then painted the transmission with the called-out colours 

The 'box' at the back should be woven carbon fibre, but I have never tried to use the decals, so I stuck with satin black. Maybe the next model, or the next, or the next ...



Here's the engine with the decals on the cam covers.

Everything about this car is brutal.

A six litre V-12 producing 800 bhp (I think). Must have sounded amazing.


More to come,


Thanks for looking.





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Hi All,


Another update. This is all happening as I find the pictures that I downloaded a few days ago.


The exhausts are assembled. Here they are still unpainted:


I made sure that they aligned correctly by putting them onto the engine while the cement in the joints set to ensure that they will fit later (BTW. They did!)


The gear linkage:


I am using the 'Hobby Design' photo-etch set with this kit, though not all of it. There are some parts that are just too small for my eyes and fingers (Somewhat sausage-like!)


That's all the pictures I currently have. Progress has gone beyond this, but I suspect that the pictures are still on the camera.


Thanks for looking,




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  • Mike changed the title to Mercedes CLK-GTR
1 hour ago, Sabrejet said:

Here are some shots I took of this car at Festival of Speed. Hope they'll be of use

Hi Sabrejet.

They will be of great use, thanks.





P.S. I notice that the brake ducts are aluminium and the retaining rings (for want of a better phrase) are orange. The Tamiya instructions have the colours inverted. I followed slavishly. It's not too late for me to reverse them!

I have assembled the rear suspension, but with a careful eye and intricate brushwork, I think I can get it right. Thanks.

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Hi All,


Just a minor update. Not much really done since the last post.

I have primed the body, but I am not sure where those photos are...

Anyway here we are:


The engine, rear suspension and transmission...


Part of the induction system (I think), with some bits from the Hobby Design set plus a couple of other additions of my own.


The interior sprayed with Halfords' Satin black. It looks a bit orange-peely here, but the paint was a bit wet still.

When set, the paint levels down really well.



That's all for the moment. I re-photograph the body panels when I remember... :)


Thanks for looking,


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Hi All,

I cannot believe that a year has passed since I last posted anything on this build!

Some decent progress has been made, so here are a few more images.


The plenum chamber. I primed this in thinned Tamiya XF19 (Light Grey) and the brush painted it in my own home-brew semi-gloss black (3 parts XF1, 2 parts Gloss black, 10 parts Mr. Color Levelling thinners)

With care you get a very smooth finish with no brush marks.


Here we have the cockpit in a a semi-finished state.

I picked out the bolts on the plenum with a cocktail stick with silver (X11).

The dash-board here is painted in XF63, as per the instructions, air-brushed on. I got a great smooth finish. The I managed to spill some X-10 on a spot of in a very visible place. I ran it under the tap and it seemed to remove the paint without damaging the sprayed finish. However, the next day, I noticed that the X=10 had burned through the dark grey. I didn't want to crack out the air-brush again, just for the visible scar. Neither did I want to brush paint it and I was expecting to get a visible brush mark...

In the end, I solved it by dipping a cotton bud in the pre-thinned dark grey and carefully applied it to the damaged section on the dash-board. Problem solved! Another technique added to my arsenal.


The dashboard, pre-X-10 blunder

The seat:



I used the Tamiya provided decal for the seat-belts. I tried to use the bits provided in the Hobby-Design etch set, but I cut the belt material wrong and couldn't get the buckes to fit. I was too tired, so I used the decals instead.

Once it's in the cockpit and hidden by the windows, I don't think it'll look too bad.


The floor-pan, primed.

I 'leaned' the 'hobby-stick trick' by watching a video by 'Scaled Down Customs' on YouTube.

I lave discovered a number of tricks watching the guy doing his builds.

Simple things like, decal tweezers and cotton but to position decals. I have used this trick a few times now and can say that it's a lot easier to place decals in the right place.


The wheels, primed. The next stage was to paint them gloss-black, followed by gun-metal (X-10, the source of my previous blunder!)


That's the cock-pit complete, apart from the dash-board. That comes later.


Here are the wheels, finished.

I am really pleased with they way the came out. (Primed, coated in gloss-black and then gun metal)


Well, that's where I am with this one. More soon.


Thanks for looking.




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Hi All,

Just a couple of update photos:


The chassis and bulkhead primed ready for the colour.


The body shell primed.


The steering wheel and some anonymous electronics cabinet


More to come soon, I hope.





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7 minutes ago, galaxyg said:

I guess you've resurrected a few long-time builds.

Yup! I am a serial starter. Every now and then, I move a couple on.

I'm trying to clear the decks a bit. I have completed two last month, just haven't posted them in the RFI yet, as I don't have a photogenic spot to pose them in...






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