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Tamiya Early Production Tiger Question

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Hi guys, hope you are all well.


Just entering the final stages of finishing the above kit and have a question about a piece of equipment mounted on the rear engine deck. It's part A20 and it looks like a fire extinguisher. I was wondering if anyone could confirm this and what colour it should be? The instructions don't give a specific colour and if it is an extinguisher I believe they were not painted red during this period.


Many thanks



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Might be an idea to let us know what kit you are building mate, part A20 could be anything to the unknown? A picture might also help :frantic:

The Tiger had a tetra fire extinguisher on the rear engine deck but I’ve never seen any painted red, German grey or dark yellow is the normal colours I’ve seen them in. 


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Scalemates has the Tamiya instructions for viewing, so can confirm part A20 is the external fire extinguisher.  Consensus is that it would be same colour as the base vehicle paint colour.  I'm not clear if this was supplied that way direct from the manufacturer, or if the crew repainted it.  If it was repainted, then naturally all those decal labels you see available would not be used.  Another opinion has them grey, but different from panzer grey - so in that case you would see the sticker label?




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