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And yet another Arma Hobby Hurricane..

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After reading so many good comments about this kit I thought I have to try one myself. And, I wasn't disappointed either.

It's a super model with finely recessed and engraved panel lines and details. Some of the parts are really exquisite to say the least. I chose one of the 'Expert Kit' versions and these include a fret of photo etch and extra markings. I must admit I didn't use some of the PE as they were just too fiddly. You even get landing lights to put behind the clear parts and some tiny Sutton harness seatbelts and instrument panel. A plastic one is also provided. Oh, and a set of canopy and wheel masks too. Two rear canopies are provided too, one for the closed position and one slightly wide for the pushed back open position.

If I had to have a little whinge it would be I thought the canopy parts were a little on the thick side and I'm sure (for the version I did anyway), the squadron codes should be Sky and not pale grey? They do actually show them as Sky on the colour drawings but the decals aren't.

Anyway, roll on the Wildcat. Thanks for looking.









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10 hours ago, SAT69 said:

Absolutely beautiful and I love the way it's displayed. May I ask what scale the model is in?

Thank you. It's 172nd scale.


34 minutes ago, Vinnie said:

Outstanding Hurricane, well done,Keith. Out of interest, would you say the 'Expert version' is worth the extra money?

Thank you too. (and everyone else) Probably only if you want some extra marking choices and seatbelts, but they're available from other sources anyway. I didn't really use much of the fret at all to be honest. 

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And another outstanding rendition of the famed Hurricane from the outstanding Arma Hobby brand :goodjob:.  I need to get one myself sooner rather than later ( This coming from someone who has 800+ unbuilt kits awaiting attention :banghead: )



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Congratulations, that's an excellent build!

Inspires me to desire one or two of these kits for my stash.

If I could get a result anywhere approaching yours, I would be well pleased.


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