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My take on Aoshima JS Suzutsuki in 1/700 scale.

I added generic railings and SH-60 rotor blades from GMM's Modern USN & JMSDF photo etched set. I scratch build several details using wires. Main colors from Mr. color JMSDF series.

You can also see the WIP here;



Sorry for the pictures, I only have my cellphone as my camera..







With several souvenirs from the ship when she made a visit to Indonesia..






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Your build looks great.  Looking at the ship it almost looks like it could have made a good basis for the USN's new FFG(X) programme.

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Very impressive. I appreciate the work you did to the kits parts to make them more in scale, like the holders for the life rafts. Those lines connected to the mast are very nice.


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