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1/72 Heller Caudron C714 propeller


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I'm building Heller's old Caudron 714 and there are some parts that need replacing, the flimsy propeller being one of them. I managed to copy some new wheels in tin from the RS kit, but had no success trying the same with the propeller; the tin cooled and set halfway the prop blades.
Does anyone have a suggestion how I can make/get a good propeller?

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It's quite a small prop, only about two-thirds the size of a typical 1000 horsepower WW2 fighter.  So I would retain the kit spinner and cut down / reshape blades from a larger prop to suit. It's the opposite rotation to an American engine or a Merlin (which strangely goes the wrong way round for a British engine) so a good source would be a prop from a Mercury or Perseus engined type. Something like a Lysander or Blenheim or Skua / Roc prop would be a good source. Maybe you can find a started or spare-parts kit cheaply on eBay, or "Sales and Wants" re-opens here in about a week so you could ask there if anyone has such a prop spare. 

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@Work In Progress Thanks for the pointer, it's a tiny prop indeed! Even a Mercury-Hamilton looks massive next to it. I do have a somewhat undersized Hamilton Standard in the spares box from an old Novo Lysander, so that (plus a file and sanding paper) may be my last resort. 
I thought I'd ask here first in case I maybe overlooked some lesser known "Rareprops" aftermarket item..

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If you were working in 1/48 I'd point you at 1/72 stuff for the 1000 hp class, but you're already in 1/72, so I think sawing the tips off a  Lysander prop and filing down to what you want will be the best practical solution. It's not that hard if you are slow and methodical, and if you repeat each process blade by blade before going on to the next process you should not find it too hard to end up with three blades which look the same. I recently cut down a pair of Typhoon props to match the blade profiles of P-47 props in opposite rotation for a contra-prop project and it wasn't that hard at all.  I found the best way to approach it was:

1. Cut the new blade lengths

2. File the blade outlines to the desired profile, as seen directly from the front or rear. First the trailing edge, then the leading edge. Ignore airfoil section at this stage

3. Use a fine file and/or scraping with a VERY sharp blade (single-edged razor blade is best) to re-create a reasonable blade airfoil. Often you can get away with a flat rear face and just camber the front.

4. Give it a heavy coat of filler/primer before you try to polish everything completely smooth as that will fill most residual scratches without you having to sand away too vigorously, as the parts are fairly small and you need to avoid putting a lot of stress on.

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@Work In Progress Thanks for the tutorial, and it seems that the RS prop (which I wanted to use as a pattern) can also do with some extra filing and scraping.

@JWM I have! Especially the fact that it has the original colour scheme is great, as initially I wanted to build that very plane in Finnish livery. But now I'm also thinking of Polish markings after all..

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