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1:32 Hawker Siddeley Andover E.Mk 3A - 3D Print

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Good to see this progressing again, saw one of these built up at Telford last year but the 1/48 scale version, looked very nice as well

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Wasn't aware there was one at Telford Kev - but reassuring to know that it looked good!


I'll have to see if I can track down some photos now...  :)



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More finessing on the nose section - now with a few layers of Filler Primer applied for final shaping.


A few blemishes filled with Revell Plasto filler.




These parts spend their life in the warm airing cupboard when not being worked on - to ensure that every layer of primer and filler is properly dried off at each stage.




As the nose is a very obvious/most looked at section of any model it's important it's as good as I can get it.


Back in a mo...



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Now - back to those wings...


Earlier on I'd posted images of the assembled wings - minus the removed flap areas.




The flap areas need boxing in - both for neatness - and for strength.


I wanted to get these boxed in before smoothing and truing up the wings.


Photo below shows the Starboard wing (upper in photo) with new styrene sheet sections added - and Port wing (lower) withe the edges trimmed back to the wing surface/rear edge after allowing the Plastic Weld to dry off for 24 hrs.


Vertical section is about 0.5mm thick - horizontal is 1.5mm - wing now a lot stiffer - and straight along the rear edge.


Flaps will need to be drawn up in CAD and printed on my 4K resin printer - and will be fitted in the fully up position - so no detail needed inside the flap area.




Easier to cut sheet over-size and trim back - note that rear edge is not the trailing edge - that will be formed by the flap sections when eventually fitted.






Below is the Port wing - which has had everything trimmed back and a start made on sanding everything flush along the wing surface - in this case using 60 grit Glass Paper on a flat surface - a la vacform...






Hopefully get some of the 'low' areas on the wings filled and sanded later in the week.


Model on dudes!



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The nose section is getting there - but still some areas to sand back/re-profile.




I've marked the areas to be reduced with the letter 'x' - and a dot where I need to add a little to the nose to make it just slightly sharper.






This is after a lot of pouring over photos and comparing with the printed parts.




I think it will still be a little 'jowly' in plan view - but I don't think it'll be *that* noticeable on the finished model.


If I can get these tweaks done by the weekend I can do some surface detailing of this area - and make a start on the interior... 


I might even get some filler primer on the wings. 


Really enjoying this - and the strength of the printed parts makes things so much easier than a vac!


Have fun...



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