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 Names George aka Kerfkiller, used to be a Sawdoctor/ Saw Filer in a previous life now I am a Therapist!!! better hours, warmer work space and not so dangerous

Have returned to modelling after many years of not doing it!

I have been plugging away reading, watching you tube and making mistakes, so I am getting there.

my area of interests is WW2, Cold War and recent conflicts with a particular interest in the RNZAF.

When not modelling i fill my day with fishing, racing pigeons and walking my dog oh and work :(, still allows me to add to my stash.... so many models so little time!!!

I use Tamiya paint as the local hobby shop stocks them and have recently bought a airbrush etc so that's a learning curve, look forward to chatting and learning

Cheers George

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Hello George...:post1: from Chicago USA. We share similar tastes in build subjects, I build aviation from WW2 to modern. Please if you have any questions feel free to ask. Everyone here is quite friendly and glad to help with tips, advice, and information. 


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Hi Dennis

thanks for the welcome

I will post a couple of photo's of complete projects in due course, i really want to get my models looking sharp, at present i feel they look like the local preschool finger painting class has done them.

I build OOB, have played with photo etch etc.... my eyes can not see, and i have short stubby fingers and I dislike CA immensley, lost a lot of skin to that stuff :)  my other struggle is all the little sticky out bits on models i always seem to bust them off...... gotta feed the carpet monster



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Good morning from the UK. Nice to have you along, it’s a good place this. Lots of friendly and very helpful people. Good luck with the airbrush, I started using one myself a couple of months ago. They are good, but do take some getting used to. I also use Tamiya paint and when mixed 50/50 with Tamiya thinners, they spray well.

With regards CA glue, I can’t use it as I developed a sensitivity to it years ago, so I use a UV activated glue, which works fairly well. Or use PVA, but that takes longer to dry.


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