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New P-61 A/B black widow from Airfix

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I have seen on the Kitlynx website a pre-order for the P-61A/B Black Widow from Airfix. Is this a kit from Airfix; or a re-boxing of their two older kits? My search did not reveal any information; but, I may not have asked correctly. And, it is a 1/72nd scale model. The photo shows the box top but, just says "P-61 black Widow" and seems to how the P-61B; but, the site's label says P-61A/B.

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That is the answer







When I was a kid I had one Build sometime in 1977 these were the times in Yugoslavia when there was a PLASTIC KIT: Revell, Airfix, Frog, Lincoln.Int, Heller.




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20 minutes ago, Work In Progress said:

Yep. Cool box art, new decal sheet looks okay, not much else to recommend it alas. 

Agreed . Apart from the almost total lack of interior , the Frog kit was much nicer .

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