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Opel Blitz variants - 1/100 resin 3D prints + scratch

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Hi guys

A few weeks ago, I received a big surprise from a friend:


Holly mackerel!!!  :icon_surprised: :icon_surprised: :icon_surprised:

After sorting everything out,...


So the big question was: where to start???

And the answer was simple: get all those 1/100 Opel Blitz trucks and make some variants!

That's pretty much what I have been doing on and off between other projects for the last 2 month, give or take a week.

And I came up with 6 different models. Some totally real, some totally invented, and some 50/50  :smiley:

1. Radar unit (the one that started this craziness)

2. SAM missile (totally invented but based on the Rheintochter - at least in my head  ;) )

3. Crane (nothing fantastic but a good scratchbuilding exercise)

4. Snow Plow (after watching the Simpsons's "Snow Plow King" episode  ;D )

5. Ambulance (makes perfect sense, in these dire times, and it was interesting to build)

6. Fire Truck (my favorite and the one I invested more time and effort, just to test my 1/100 scratchbuilding patience)


Jut to remind you how tiny these things are...

Now all I need to do is finish these 6 mini-dioramas (terrain, figures, vegetation, etc.....). When. is another matter  ;)


Thanks for watching!

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Wow! I love working with 3d printers and laser engravers. You must have spent hours on that firetruck! Are you going to paint them? 


Always loved 1/100 kits too. Seens like an underrated scale,  IMO.



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