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Hi i'm Ash and i'm disabled and i use a wheelchair.  I have limited movement and can only use my left hand.   I haven't been scale modelling for long.   I had 2 boxes of armourfast kits, they are ww2 tanks which can be easily built and i found them easy to build.   I have painted one which is the Panzer 4 G, but this is what i want to know.   For weathering,  how do i know how much weathering to do on the Panzer 4 G?   Do i look at images of the tank that i want to weather and copy the image or what do modellers do to know how much weathering to do?   I have painted my Panzer in light grey with black tracks, i have dry brushed a little silver on the tracks.   I have dark dirt clay wash for weathering.

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Hi there!

For a start, I would concentrate on building my kits as best, as I can, with simple, factory finish paint.

Only, after being happy with a part above, I would consider extending to experimenting with various weathering media.

It is a rather long, trial and error, learning process. Check some of YouTube videos for ideas.

Happy modelling!


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Hi Ash. welcome to the hobby. One of the great things about modelling tanks is that they get dirty, I mean REALLY dirty!


One of the techniques that is really great for weathering is using "washes", as you have limited movement it is one of the easiest techniques to use. You can buy ready mixed washes from many model shops (of course at the moment mail order is your best friend!) I would suggest that for your first attempt that you further diluted any commercial wash by at least 50% and just slop it on to the lower half of the tank and then get a piece of kitchen paper and gently wipe most of it off again. This will leave some of the wash in the crevices of the tank where muck tends to build up. Leave it to dry and see what you think then perhaps apply further washes. I would start with a dark brown wash (unless your Pz 4 is headed for Africa!).


Here's a Youtube video with Vallejo washes (you might want to turn off the sound - includes naff music!)



Have fun!

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