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Blackburn Buccaneer P.139/2 - The AEW Buccaneer

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Having been given the nod by the mods here will be my AEW Buccaneer, yes that is right an AEW Bucc. It was a proposal back in 1963 by Blackburn called the P.139/2 . It had two long flat sided radar antennae pods either side of the centre line that would rotate vertically when in flight and turn to the horizontal position when on the ground. There is more information in The Admiralty and AEW published by Project Tech Profiles. It will be finished in EDSG in keeping with the other Buccs. No pictures of the box contents but there are of the conversion kit. The one thing I have to be careful of is to make sure that the undercarriage would still operate and not foul the radar pods. On the pylons for the pods I have added locating rods to aid alignment.










So to make a start on the interior of the kit. I will also be using the kit ejection seats but not glued in as I would like to use new resin ones when they appear hopefully.




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Update time. I have been busy with another attack aircraft but am now on the Bucc. in the meantime i have done some research and found out that XN975 was used by the Royal Radar Establishment in EDSG/white/red which looks kind of smart. The decals will be from Kits World.


On with the show.


Guess what start with the cockpit. I changed the rear instrument panel to show a radar scope on the left and a screen on the right.



The seats are a bit clunky but I had some from HPM and added the breakers to the top of them. Ejection seat handle will be added later.



Cockpir floor added and the forward fuselage joined together





Meanwhile back to the main fuselage. Made up the undercarriage bay painted and slighty weathered.



The turbofan front ends were also treated the same way



Both parts added to the main fuselage and sealed up and bombay cover added. l have marked out the radar pylon areas ready for later. Also added the tail parts and to the main fuselage. l am only going to use the wing tanks so no other holes opened up.







Finally front fuselage added to the main body.





I will have to change the wing transparent parts as the ones l have put on is incorrect. Waiting for some putty top dry till the next time.





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