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Amelia Earhart 1/10 bust

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Hello everyone,


I felt i needed another break from aircraft modeling, so i looked for a new figure to paint. since i had so much fun with the first 1/10 bust i figured another pilot bust would look nice. Although it looked a lot simpler i thought this might be a good chance to try and do a better job without worrying to much about elaborate details.



I started by priming the model in black valejo pains and than came in with some mig ammo white from the top



Because i can never leave anything alone i i lightly sanded the chin and resculpt the pleats on her shirt. i fond a picture that clearly served as the basisi of this model and they look more 3 dimensional. some milliput did the job. I also added some more, wich isn't necessary more accurate but to me felt more like the original... artistic licence shall we say




after this i reprimed her, did some more directional shading, and than continued refining the shading by hand... this made it look a little extreme, but i also quite liked the effect and was rather tempted to do a black and white version. however that would only be half the fun.


the whole idea was that this would be some kind of preshading, wich worked relatively wall, although adding the color layers toned it all down considerably so a lot of the work had to be redone... not that i mind it's good fun.







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And here is some color


followed by some freckles and more shading and highlighting





finally this is all i used so far... a fairly limited pallet... all paints thinned with hg parquet polish. this works wonderful but leaves a glossy finish, so i final mat coat will be needed to tone that down, on the other hand when turning the model to face a light source it helps spot where highlights would occur and allow me to be a little brave and add more aggressive lighting


it all needs some more refining but i like where this is headed :)

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I tried to refine the eyes today by adding the iris colour the pupil etc. i didn't have much time and the light wasn't ideal so i'm not to happy with her right eye , but desided to leave it for now so everything was dry and i had some time to think about how to fix it.

there's a little tuft of red hair peaking from her helmet, and a little more at the back that's fighting me as well




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I think i'm almost ready to call this one done, but i might still refine some details. I applied some mat varnish to take away the floor polish gloss and check the shades and highlights

i'm still not 100% happy with the eyes so i'll have to see what can be done there still.

i had intended to fix the model to a wooden base from the beginning but when trying it i didn't like the result and as i'm doing some plumbing in the house i suddenly noticed pipe connector and it looked just right.


Anyway, i'll have to give her a long hard look under good light tomorrow and see what i can still improve.




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