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Hampden colours help...

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I tried asking this in my build thread but may have better luck here. I was wondering if anyone has a pic or profile of P3155, the Hampden in which Sgt John Hannah won his VC. The colour demarcations on Hampdens were many and varied so trying to find the right scheme which is a bit elusive. Anyone got any pointers??



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Airfix included this plane in their VC set.  Maybe they could point you to where they got their info?

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Hi Chris, that may have been the case on the upper surfaces, but I've seen four options for the undersides. Straight or wavy demarcation line high on the fuselage or the same but much lower down giving eight variations.

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From the IWM:



The crew of a Handley Page Hampden Mark I of No. 83 Squadron RAF leave their aircraft at Scampton, Lincolnshire, on returning from a flight.



Bomber crews of No. 83 Squadron RAF line up by a Handley Page Hampden Mark I of the Squadron at Scampton, Lincolnshire.



Without photographic proof, kit supplied painting instructions are no guarantee of accuracy.






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