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1/72 S-300PMU Grumble

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Hi everyone

This is my 1/72 S-300PMU by Model Collect. This is my First AFV model so sorry if I refer to parts of the vehicle wrong. This was a good kit, but the instructions were a bit unclear and did not have all the parts listed where they would go. The kit came with two small PE parts which was nice even though it did not say where half of them went. The fit was good on most of the parts even though most of it did not have locator pins for example on the missile tube which made it difficult to get parts in the right place. I struggled with putting the cab on as it did not fit but I think that was my fault for putting the control centre at the back too far forward. I painted it in AK’s protective 4BO and preshaded it with MiG us olive drab. I did some small leaks of oil with the Ak weathering pencils. I then mixed Pva, some fine dirt and an acrylic burnt umber to make the mud which I applied with an old paint brush. I strugled with making the tyres look dirty as i wanted to keep the tred but my mud mixture was too thick. Would any one be able to recomend a cheap way to weather the tyres? I wanted to create the metal rope shown on the front of the box and in pictures I had seen. I did this using three bits of copper wire from a motor and spinning them together by putting them in a drill. I then separated the ends and made the loops at the end.

Thanks for looking


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Gotta love anything in 1/72nd. This looks magnificent. Nice job! ModelCollect kits are great, but can be quite challenging in places. They really assume that you know what you are doing, but I love them, particularly their T-72s.


All the best



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