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Blackburn Beverley

Mikro-Mir 1/144




Despite it's ungainly looks, the Beverley was considered to be a useful workhorse in its day. It's service life was relatively short, from 1957 to 1967. I always remember the one that stood outside the RAF museum at Hendon before it was unfortunately scrapped. Having recently completed the S&M models 1/144 scale Hercules in the same desert scheme, I was tempted to pull this kit out of the stash and build it to pair up with the Herk.


It is a very nice kit, fit was very good apart from the underwing nacelle parts that required a little filler, but that was standard modelling fare and not difficult. The props and spinners didn't want to go together until I sliced off the 'wedges' on the spinner backplates that were meant to fill in the gap behind the blades. I also drilled the backs of the spinners and fitted brass wire shafts to fit them to the engines.  Looking at other builds on the internet I thought that many finished models had a very 'stilty' sit, as if the main gear legs had been moulded in the extended 'in flight' position, so I shortened mine to make the whole aircraft 'sit' better.  I also drilled out all windows and filled them with kristal kleer.


I used the 'Shelf Oddity' decal set to replace some kit decals. It corrects errors such as the large 'S' being in light grey rather than white, has 'non-handed' scorpion decals for the nose, and corrects the spelling of 'Midle East' to 'Middle East' on the tailboom lettering.



















And finally, it makes an interesting comparison with it's replacement, the Hercules C.130k




For anyone contemplating building this kit, this is what I did to the main legs. Shortened (left) original kit part (right). I cut a 2mm slice out of the lower oleo section where the scissor link is.




Thanks for looking





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That C-130 comparison shot is really quite striking. I can just remember the gate guard at Hendon.

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Super job yet again John.  I have difficulty keeping up with your builds lately.

I'm quite surprised by how big the Beverly was compared to the C130.  An Argosy will fit in that little gathering very nicely too.



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Beautiful build, Mikromir are getting a lot better recently it seems. I like their Victor B1 which I have and plan to build another, perhaps I'll pick up a Beverly as well at some point

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That looks superb! I really like those desert camo colours too and on the Herc. It's interesting to see them together as I never realised just how big the Beverley was!


If only it had been given more powerful engines; hard to believe it entered RAF service around the same year as the Herc did with the US. 



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A delightful Beverley in a scale that is rather more manageable and easier to store than the 1/144th monster that Magna produced. As a child of the 60s, it was the Abingdon Beverleys constantly overflying our house that started this aviation bug for me. They have a lot to answer for :)



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