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Scottish Fisheries Protection Vessel "Jura"

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After almost a year, FPV Jura is finally ready for inspection. Unfortunately I can't give her to my friend David due to Covid-19. She was his first command as a sea Captain.


Build thread is here: 
















Night shot, the LEDs and Fibre Optics worked well:





Hope you like her.



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Now that has turned out really well and that night photo is very interesting your friend should be very pleased with your efforts when you can pass it on 👍



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Thanks guys!


On 5/29/2020 at 10:52 PM, longshanks said:

What's next?




Currently got a 1/144 vacform Supermarine Scimitar F1 and a 1/144 Bell 412 helicopter on the bench. Both have some scratch built parts.


This is the scratch built ejection seat for the Scimitar:





It's smallish:







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