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New Tool 1/72 Airfix RN Buccaneer

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OK, still sorting my painting problems, so no chance of finishing this on time, spent the day getting quite a bit done, but really need another week, will continue on until it's finished

not my finest work

got a coat of Future on, so ready for stickers and things starting tomorrow






They really are big beasties these Buccaneers.

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OK, no chance I can finish this with my painting woes, I did get a coat of Future on though

I probably need another week to get this done now, so will keep on with it until it's done






Will start putting on the Decals tomorrow hopefully, mind you I have to take my Ute in tomorrow to have some new tyres put on, so that will slow me down

I found I had an old (1990) Xtradecal sheet, so will be using that if they fit the new tool, in case i really lose it and decide to strip the whole thing.


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Well imagine my surprise when I took some casual days off on Monday and Tuesday, only to find that Enzo the magnificent had extended the GB, better get stuck in I thought

So I found during my rummaging recently that I had a very old Extradecal sheet for RN Buccaneers, now this was very old, sheet number 14 if the numbering is to be believed, and the instructions have a 1990 date on them, on inspection they looked OK, and they had some interesting schemes, especially early markings for 809 with the Phoenix and LM code incorporated why not I thought, I could maybe justify using the early Drop tanks as this stated 1968 scheme, so thought check them out first, so used a D type roundel, fell to pieces when I tried to put it on the model, oh dear

So, decided to go with XT277 320 of 809 Sqn in '68 after all, and coated all the relevant decals twice in Future, (I still have some), the idea being I would use them first and if they didn't work go with a kit scheme, probably Eagle.

Anyway all seems to have worked so far, still a couple to try and get those aircraft specific ones on




the big underwing serials were the ones that worried me the most, but went down well, not 100% sure they are in the exact place they should be, but near enough



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Slowly getting there, somehow I don't seem to be able to put in the time needed

One thing I will say about this kit, is that Airfix did an outstanding job, on most of it, although when you get towards the end of the instructions, they left out the colour callouts for all the stores and things

Bit odd that.

So for this it will be just a plain Jane, nothing on the wings at all.


So things were going quite well with doing XT277, until I came to he nose numbers, one was no problem, the other went on fairly well, until i noticed there was a tiny bit of blue missing from the Zero

I'll just move that back in I thought, no way would it co-operate, ended up with most of the Zero mangled, tried to find another Zero, no luck, so had to take all the XT277 stuff off, and let it Join Eagle.




The blue is quite a bit stronger on the Airfix decals, no idea who is right, it will do me though


Have done a lot of the minute stencils on the underside, I need to be ultra careful not to take them off on my finger, very slow work, have stuffed a few up, along the way, but a blind man on a galloping horse and all that


This is the upper at the present moment, while I have my lunch.   Main gear is on, still to do the nose wheel.



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Yes Ray, good to get another one done, even if I didn't make the deadline, I knocked off the rear seaters blast protector about 4 times, couldn't find it the last time spent about an hour and half mucking about making one and getting it placed. one of those little hiccups.

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