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Honda NSR 500 CC - Heller 1/24

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The latest in my 'lockdown'-series.

Actually it's part 1 of 2, but you'll have to wait a bit to see the full concept. :winkgrin:

This is the Heller 1/24 Honda NSR 500cc racer, but I build it as a custombike. :D

First up is the original:


And this is my version:



It's not a big model!: :lol:



Cheers for now :bye:

Hans J

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4 hours ago, HOUSTON said:

SUPER DUPER little build.

Looks AWESOME... are you going to put it on  a plinth?

Hi Houston! :D


Thanks for the kind words!


I have some plans for it - just wait! :winkgrin:

Cheers :bye:

Hans J

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