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Round2/MPC 22" Eagle 2 Laboratory Eagle and Booster Pack COMPLETE!!!!

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On 6/13/2020 at 8:59 AM, Tomjw said:

Awesome work. You must spend a fortune on masking tape 😂


I did have to dig into my supply of tape refills during this stage! Now I'm decaling, spent 5 hours on it yesterday and will be doing more today - there are HUNDRED of decals to apply :)

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After two days of decalling, I've used up most of the decals on the sheet that came with the kit plus added loads from various other sources.


You can see some of them here - the 'Hot Plasma' decals are from a set I've used multiple times on Eagles over the years, they are from a set of decals for a jet-bike that I acquired some years ago and have some great icons and labels on it.




The command module with a few decals from the Eagle weathering set along with kit decals and stripes from the decals bank. The black anti-glare panels are painted, not decal.




The 4 pods have got a ridiculous number of decals on them. The flash from the camera makes it look like some of them have some silvering - I'll be cehcking those and fixing with some micro sol or Klear. Some of the decals have been used to hide masking errors which is handy :)




The lab pod likewise has a silly number of decals on it, including some of the decal panels from the weathering set on the roof as I didn't fancy messing around masking those!




Just noticed the crooked one on the door :(


The other side, similar but slightly different. Next task is to check for silvering before giving it all a coat of varnish to protect the decals in prep for some washes and weathering.



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Crikey! You'll need a lie down and a change of water in your saucer after that lot.

On the beak, the black panels. I've seen gaps around the inner edges sometimes. Other times they are into the corners as you've done. Not sure which is correct.

I did mine with the gaps. My Son was in our attic at the weekend and he says there's another Dinky Eagle up there! They must have been nesting. :laugh:

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I've got photos of the original 44" props for Eagle 1 and Eagle 2 that I've taken at various Smallspace shows over the years:







(that is Brian Johnson in the backgorund - he autographed the box of my first Eagle build :) )






As you can see, neither show white stripes anywhere but around the actual window frames and this is how I've always built them.

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Doh! So much for my micro masking! I'll have have a repainting session. Not sure how I got that bit wrong. Ah well. 

Thanks for the great pictures though. It's still up there in my top ten space ships.

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...and DONE! The last laps were not easily photographable, basically varnish, weathering and final assembly of the components. It was  pointed out that the Booster pack is too far back in the pics, so I had a harsh word or two with the ground crew who moved it to the correct place in the middle of the spine after the photos were taken.




What is more, all the lights still work! These first three photos had to be redone when I noticed the Moonbase Alpha logo on the command module was crooked, so that had to be corrected and re-photographed!
















Booster pod in place. I stretched the metal clips a bit so they don't grip quite so tightly. I also gave them a coat of Diamond White as I did with the screws holding the lab pod in. The correct location for this should be over the middle of the spine.




Lab pod close up









With the Gold Medal winning Rescue Eagle from 2016




My Space:1999 model collection - these have all been built by me since 2016. I do own a Product Enterprise Eagle but I didn't build that so it doesn't get a place here :)

Front the left, (all Round 2 kits except for the last) Gold Medal winning Rescue Eagle from 2016, Gold Medal winning Cargo Eagle from 2017, Lab Pod Eagle 2020, Hawk from 2018, 14" Eagle from 2019, UNCL resin Laser Tank #1 from 2019.

In the stash is another Round 2 Hawk, an Airfix Hawk, another 22" Cargo Eagle and Passenger Eagle and another Laser Tank.




This completes my trio of Eagles but I do have plans to build the next passenger Eagle as a VIP one with a fully lit Pod interior! That won't be this year however, there is only so much masking tape I can handle for one model! Sadly its unlikely that this will be entered into the Scale Model World competition this year, even if the show goes ahead in November, its unlikely I will be attending ANY model shows or large gatherings of people until there is a COVID-19 vaccine.

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THUD! That was the sound of my jaw dropping. You may have inspired me to start my Eagle now. At least I know where to look for references now, even with one of the original studio models residing a couple of streets away from me.


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  • 2 weeks later...

You make it look so easy!

Well, except the masking.

Oh, and the decaling...

...and the wiring, painting, figuring out connections and general levels of research on the original...

Oh, yeah... easy...


I have come to the conclusion (some time ago, if I'm honest) that you sir, are nuts.

I mean that in the best possible way.

Well done.

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Well done. Looks like a lot of work, but worth it to see what can be achieved.


I have one on order and hopefully get it by the end of the month.


I too will not be going to Telford this year. Could not see anything happening in the next few months to make it safe so cancelled my hotel reservation last month. Doubt it will happen anyway.



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