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I thought that I would try something a little bit in keeping with my name on here. Finding depressed kits is difficult (actually super easy once I have finished bashing them together) so I thought I would go with one that is a little down in the mouth (blue), see what I did there?




Can't remember doing an Academy kit before, but inside the box looks interesting and fairly busy so should keep me amused for a few hours.

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Opening the box reveals that there are plenty of parts to knock together. 



Starting with the cockpit I didn't quite spend the time I wanted to on it, but it appears ok.  Then there is the start of the fuselage build.




These four bits make up the front end. Very fiddly and in need of three hands at least. Fortunately the fit was good if you take your time.




Next up, four bits for the top. The inserts for the chines are a bit vague but still went in easily enough. 


Two more bits




And I am getting sick of multi part fuselage.


Next up is the seemingly obligatory shot of the result of knocking over the Extra Thin.



Followed by where I got up to before abandoning the area to clear fumes.




This seems like a good time to ingest calories. 




Time is 13:36 and I have a headache. 




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Thanks Parabat.


15:55 update.


There has been some filling and sanding going on in the Lemur base. I don't really have the time to let this set properly so we are winging it a little.


Here is where we are 3 hours in.






Next up was to eliminate the mould seam down the middle of the canopy.  I know there are different approaches to this, but this is my method.


First of all, carefully remove the mould seam.  I use a small metal file and a very light touch until it looks like this.




Next I use my wife's nail polishes on the rough side to smooth things out to this point.




Next up, the smooth side with a firm application to polish smooth to this.




Finally, a quick application of Klear and I am happy.




A slight break is in order to nip to the offy for a four pack as no work tomorrow. 



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Unfortunately I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo of my dinner, so you will have to make to with a dinner wip.




This turned out to be Cumberland Pie.😃.


Back in the real world, the base coat has now gone on, and I am taking a short break before adding Yellow.






Along with






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Wow! That’s a lot of parts but it's coming along really well! Very impressive!

Kind regards,


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The time is 20:49.  This first session has lasted nearly 9 hours and has been a bit of a trek. The air frame is mostly complete and resplendent in a coat of yellow appendages. 






I have decided not to use the decals as they would not work well at the tips, requiring a touch up and I do not think that I could match the paint so this is going to be masked tomorrow. Tonight is going to be painting up the undercarriage ready for the final sprint to the finish at 12 tomorrow. Last time I had a relaxing 6 minutes spare so I have a target to beat.


Thanks for looking. 

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Good morning everyone out there in Britmodeller World, may your scalpel ever be sharp.


It is a beautiful morning with the sun streaming through the window onto a cluttered workbench, signalling the start of the mad dash to meet the deadline.




The part count has diminished considerably which is a good thing.


Now I need to mask the yellow on this thing before going mad with blue.


Should be fun.


Later dudes.

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The blue is on, but I am not happy with the finish. Initially it spattered so I thinned it down which affected the coverage. Unfortunately I also ran out, so not going to be my best result  currently she is sitting in the window hoping to dry out to get some decals on before the end of play.


Brew time. 

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Fantastic result! It does look superb - especially for saying how little time in real terms you got to work on it! Very well done. :thumbsup:

Kind regards,


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Thanks for the kind comments peeps, with a little more time this could turn into a really good result. I have three in the stash and a hankering for a decal set to give me a few variations. 

For anyone trying this I would say that paying attention to the instructions is essential as there are alternate parts and panel lines need filling for the Blue Angel markings.  Speaking of which, these were amazingly thin and stuck to the first bit of kit they touched. Moving them into position was a task in itself.


Definitely worth a try.

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