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Hi guys,


I use the lockdown period in France to diminish my stack of unfinished kits, this is the last completed: it is the Seafury kit from Airfix in the foreign service boxing.  I used a resin cowling resin wheels from Barracudacast. The first step was riveting the kit, which I would not do it again, since photos of Seafuries show a very  smooth skin .






The cockpit was built from the kit parts, since very little remains visible anyway, but I spend some time with the wheel wells, to replicate the intricate plumbing and wiring.  I used fly tying lead wire to reproduce the various tubes.To reproduce the Hawker yellow, I mixed Gunze  H74 Sky with Tamiya XF4 yellow green. 










I used the kit decals to depict a RCN Seafury with a low demarcation line between EDSG and Sky.  Ironically the first Seafury I built more than twenty years ago was the Hobbycraft kit, that I also finished in RCN markings. One can see the tremendous improvement of the Airfix kit over Hobbycraft.


I used Gunze Sky H74 and a mix of Tamiya paints that I found on the web long long time ago, it was attributed to Roy Sutherland.



After struggling with various brands of gloss varnish to obtain the glossy finish I wanted, I finally decided to use the tried and true Klear, applied with a flat brush, which I think turned out well.


Have a nice weekend,




































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Hello Christian,

Excellent job on this Canadian Naval Fury. 

Regards, Orion

The Netherlands.

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1 hour ago, Spitfire31 said:

Beautiful Sea Fury! The burnt metal behind the exhaust pipes looks very convincing.


Kind regards,



Lots of agreement with what he said!

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