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Mixed up needles/nozzles

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Can anyone with some knowledge of the H&S 2 Sliverline 2 in 1 airbrush please help me clarify whether I have somehow mixed up the 0.2 and 0.4 parts?


I'm finding it surprisingly difficult to find out how to identify the parts. Here's a photo of how I have them at the moment.



I am also wondering if I have got them mixed up, that might answer why 'm having problems painting. Getting quite a bit of splatter.


This is with the top set of parts using Mr Finishing 1500 Black at about 15psi. Seems to take a good pull on the trigger to get paint to spray, which I guessed means paint too thick, and then it looks splattered which I guessed means paint too thin.


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It will be to do with the rings and notches.  These look like the old style parts - with the new ones it is easy to see.


What I can see is


Needles - one has a notch the other doesn't

Nozzles - one has a ringed groove the other doesn't

Cap - one has one ring the other has none


I'm sure the guy from LittleCars/ModellingTools will be able to match them together.


This might help




Reading this I would say


Needle - No Mark = 0.2mm, One Mark = 0.4mm

Nozzle - No Ring = 0.2mm, One Ring = 0.4mm

Cap - No Ring = 0.2mm, One Ring = 0.4mm (in the photo, it looks like one ring and two rings but I think in each case one is the step in the machining not an ID ring.








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Thanks so much @nheather, you’ve gone above and beyond there! I agree with your interpretation and it would seem I don’t have them mixed up. My splattery paint issue looks like it’s not going to be so straight forward to fix as simply swapping nozzles. Thanks again though Nigel.

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Very much appreciated by me too Nigel.          :worthy:


I think I'd better go and check my Evolution Airbrush tomorrow...    :hmmm:

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If you still have splatter issues check the seals, needle and nozzle.

I don't think you have a rubber seal on the nozzle cap, but if you do and it's worn it's possible that the cap screws in too much and it's sitting too close to the nozzle restricting the airflow.

Check the nozzle for cracks, check that the inside is perfectly clean (gently put a toothpick inside and twist it, see if there's any paint residue on it.

Check that the needle is straight, see if it makes a perfect seal against the nozzle (sometimes the needle tip gets worn and you'll get small leaks of paint between it and the nozzle).

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