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Exhaust Stains Weathering Set (AK2037)

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Exhaust Stains Weathering Set (AK2037)

AK Interactive




Until the uptake of the electric motor, most vehicles have and continue to use some kind of hydrocarbon-based fuel such as petroleum/gasoline, diesel, jet fuel etc.  The spent fuel and exhaust gases are expelled through pipes or exhausts, and as perfect combustion is impossible, there is always at least a little soot or burned residue left behind.  The more rustic or badly-tuned the engine, or if it is using poor quality fuel (late WWII German fuels for example), there is of course more residue.  If this isn’t cleaned off after every use, the build-up can be quite noticeable and, in some cases huge quantities of blackish/brown soot is accumulated.


This set is assembled from five 35ml bottles and arrives in a long clear clamshell box with hanger at the top for display purposes.  The front is covered by a large sticker with photographs of various types of exhaust staining together with the content listing to inform you on what’s inside.  In the box you get the following:


AK2038 Smoke Pigment

AK2040 Exhaust Wash

AK2041 Burnt Jet Engine Pigment

AK2042 Dark Rust Pigment

AK2043 Ocher (Ochre) Rust Pigment




The single wash is a pigment-dense brown enamel based wash that should be used before adding the layers of pigment that are presented in the remaining four bottles.  The smoke pigment is a dark-bluish grey colour that can be used to depict soot and staining of the exhaust gases running back from an outlet.  The Burnt Engine pigment and the Ochre pigment are useful to define the detail inside jet engine exhausts, which often have a light brownish shade in places that reach the highest temperatures, so check your references and apply them accordingly.  The last pigment is Dark Rust that can be used in conjunction with the Ochre to create rust effects on a less well-maintained or abandoned engine.


The pigments can be used neat and applied using an old brush, but can also be mixed on a palette with high quality white spirit to create a more concentrated finish that can be shaded later by using a clean brush dampened by white spirit, feathering and fading the dried pigment as you see fit.




Another handy set from the AK stable, with plenty of each colour in the generous 35ml containers.  My sample had a little extra Ochre pigment loose in the box, probably due to a mild malfunction or spasm in the packaging department.  There was also a bit extra within the bottle too, almost up to the lip.


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of



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