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Finally I can put this old tool Airfix Vulcan on RFI. The original paint scheme was never actually finished so it never made it onto RFI, but recently I stripped the old paintwork and entirely repainted this model, and removed the landing gear to make it into an in flight model.

Decals were sourced from my collection of V Force spares: roundels from an Xtradecal Victor set, fin flashes from a Vulcan set (I can't remember who by), airbrake markings from the original kit and serials are 1/144 36" serials from Mark1 Decals, which is 18" in 1/72.

Camouflage is freehand airbrushed with Tamiya paint (XF83 and XF81), using photos of XM649 from the time as reference material. It's not a perfect representation but it's close enough.






The real XM649



My XM649




And this is what the model looked like before


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Very nice build and congratulations on the successful repaint.

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4 minutes ago, Abandoned Project said:

Nice save but then it didn't look too bad before.


Next to my other V Bombers it just wasn't up to standard, perhaps I'm just being overly critical of my own work, but my V Bombers are my centerpiece models. 

59 minutes ago, SAT69 said:

Very nice build and congratulations on the successful repaint.


2 hours ago, Harrywilliams said:

Very nice 👍


2 hours ago, binbrook87 said:

Brilliant! Great job on stripping and re-painting the old girl. Looks fantastic 👍

thank you all

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