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Heller 1/32 Volvo F12... or just about half of it anyway

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8 hours ago, Ryedale Wolf said:

Very nice build for such a little kit. One thing, a truck of that age would have a blue air line as well as the red and yellow.

Thanks! Blue air line, ok I had no idea, these 3 came in a set. At least I'll know what to look for in reference pics now. 


8 hours ago, Ryedale Wolf said:

Nice plumbing job, where did you get the valves from?

The valves are from KFS's generic air valve set (TQ142): 


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Aren't they 1/24?


Yes originally trucks had 3 suzies, red, yellow and blue for air and an electric suzie (we call them suzies, the origin of the term is not known)


This changed in the 1990s and there are only 2 (red and yellow) but now there is an extra electric suzie.

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Ah ok, useful info. I wondered why they're called suzies (over here in NL also), but it seems everybody else is wondering about that as well 🙂


The valves are indeed 1/24 so I chose the smallest ones and also cut some protruding bits off to make them even smaller. It's just about ok, I used some more elsewhere on the chassis. There's not a whole lot available for 1/32 scale. 

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:clap:  :worthy:


They are called SUZIES because   The air and electrical lines are "suspended" between the tractor unit and the trailer. 'Suzi' is just an abbreviation for "suspended".  

(as a cop I used to stop vehicles and check them for roadworthiness, and check for any offences under Construction  and Use Act  ( Traffic Law)  that's why k know why I know what a SUZIE is...)

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