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Wow! - really nice Rav - love the pictures of your Yak taking off





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I glued a plastic tube for propeller axis set in front of the fuselage. It is carefully positioned to keep the axis straight. The hole in front fuselage remains empty until the end of build. It can be used for a stick to handle the model for painting.


I replaced the propeller's axis with a brass tube, about an inch long. Then I put it into a slightly wider and shorter brass tube. The axis can rotate in the outer tube and the length gives stability. The protruding rear end of the axis got a short piece of brass tube glued to prevent it from falling out. This makes a set that can be inserted into the hole in fuselage. This approach has some advantages:

- I can mount the propeller at the very end of the build;

- The propeller can rotate very easily and without any wobbling;

- No problems with geometry.


During the photo session it is enough to gently blow into the propeller to get a realistic prop blur on the photo. No Photoshop needed.

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Beautiful build and presentation, great stuff !



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Superb!!!!!  I noticed how you were able to accurately represent the three colors on the spinner with flawless perfection!!!!! :goodjob:




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