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1/700 Liberty ship

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Hi, my first posting on the ships forum.

I got this little kit but beautifully formed, as an exercise in rigging for as yet to be made WW1 Wingnut Wings biplanes.

Like everything else ignorance can be bliss until ignorance rears its ugly head and I found out some of the rigging was not worth the patience or the trials...

My colour vision is not the greatest so I've relied on AK ship weathering to help put some Atlantic crossings on the ship.

Problems with posting photos



I'm happy with the ropes that controlled the derricks and the mast stays but when I tried to place the ropes that would have controlled the crane hook I just couldn't work behind the rigging that had been set up previously.



Still some way to go but I think I've reached the peak and now on the way to completion.




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I often think that in the smaller scales, less is more when it comes to rigging.  I only ever put a representation of rigging in my 1/600 scale (never gone down as small as 700!)


But good job on her so far.

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