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Wingut Wings is no more?

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As Dave Wilson said, the bloke (PJ) is so unpredictable and as with many of the immensely talented, creative and artistic type, they also tend to have incredibly fickle and often egotistical personalities to match as well. I would love to see WNW rise like a phoenix someday but bring a realist and given how creative the bloke is, I am sure that he will find other projects and challenges to keep him occupied in the years ahead and like the rest of us, he isn't getting any younger either to revisit some 'former glories' such as his WNW episode.


If the MENG effort let loose with a WNW mould is anything to go by - well I say a mould, a first test shot one at best would be my guess- then I have no doubt that if anyone ever did try and re-pop the range, there would always be a two tier system of kits with purists and those intending to invest many hours to obtain the very best end result, wanting only the original WNW produced effort and being happy to pay the premium rather than 'make do' with what would clearly be an inferior product.


If in any doubt, look inside the MENG package (broken parts and banana wings and all) and say hand on heart that this end product would ever have found its way into a WNW box..?





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