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British mess tins and cooking kit

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Hi Gang, 

I'm working on a 54mm Gurkha, which I think is about 1/32 scale. Does anyone know of any British pattern mess tins or cooking equipment (hexi burner would be great) appropriate for the early 80s? I'm guessing 1/35 wouldn't be too far out if that's available. I've searched and searched but can't find anything.




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Hi Gareth

no modelling experience with figures but how about some pe off cuts formed into a H shape with saw tooth top edges, maybe even use old fine saw blade, pe would be a good colour though, burn it with a lighter and that’s it, small white box with a bit of Red lettering job done 👍 

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Hi, thanks for the ideas. They are pretty simple shapes so should be simple recreate. I just like a short cut! :)


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