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Mista ModelMaster! He Dead!

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Hello all,


I know plenty of people in the UK didn't use it, but Testors has killed off the Model Master brand, along with all of the paint lines, etc.


I am especially annoyed, because it was one of the few acrylic brands I could get an excellent finish with using a brush. Testors killed an even greater brush paint, Polly Scale, some years back, so the company hasn't impressed me in some ways, but their acrylic was almost as good when I used it. And looking back a decade or so ago, Model Master seemed to be everywhere. It has suffered a pretty savage decline recently, mostly through own goals like reformulating the enamel line, killing colour lines and generally being silly. It seemed to accelerate once Rustoleom bought Testors, so the suits were only after the almighty dollar, and it showed over time.


Strangely enough, I never used the enamels all that often. They never seemed to have a colour I couldn't get from Humbrol or one of the other enamel paints, so I never bothered with them. But by all accounts, most of the tears being shed over in the US seem to be about the loss of the enamel paint. Guess Humbrol and Colourcoats will be happy campers.


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well that sucks.  I knew they were downsizing but didn't expect that so soon.  I use MM almost exclusively.  Guess I'll need to find another brand now

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Yep, me, too. I still have a good stock, and will stock up as and when I can. I've been investigating alternatives over the past few years, but I still prefer Acryl for many applications. 


What I'll miss most is Dullcoat, as that's THE flattest matt varnish I've found. 

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