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Blackburn Beverley

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Morning all,


I was rummaging around in the loft earlier this week and stumbled upon this long-forgotten build from... 2015. Where has 5 years gone? 


To cut a long story short, I entered this as part of the non-injected group build and as usual ran of steam during the GB and never got it done.


However, I've decided to give it some love and have since added the stabilisers and fins, added some resin engines (kindly donated by a fellow BM member years ago,) found some reasonably shaped air intakes for the top of the engines and given it a coat of primer:


49898225506_00ed53b02d_z.jpgUntitled by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


49897710118_b9f71e5d43_z.jpgUntitled by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


Lots of surface details to reinstate, but not too far off paint which is always good for the motivation.



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Oh fantastic, I'd love a Beverley in 1/72! Injection moulded obviously, I don't have the skill or patience for vac-form, so I'll watch yours instead.


What colours will you do, 'crud & custard' or silver/white?

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Crikey, Tom; how do you forget about a 1/72 Beverley??  It will be interesting to watch progress resume on this, as it looks very tidy so far.


For what it's worth, I live and work fairly close to the last complete (for now, at least...) Beverley and often look down on it* while pondering on its survival prospects.




*Edit: About 3 hours ago, in fact!

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On 4/30/2021 at 4:13 PM, Acky190 said:

Tom, did you forget to finish this again mate! I've been waiting for the updates! 

Not forgotten, just lost in the depths of my attic whilst I hop about between other projects. 

Since the last update (how long ago?!) I’ve fitted the landing gear so I really should get my finger out and finish it!

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