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Die Trophäe II (P-40F tail+ Pilot 1/32)

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Hi y'all!

Decided to put this here.

Spitfire MkVIII Eduard 1/32 and a DEFmodels miniature of a German pilot gloating over his latest victory.

Hope you like it!









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Very nice. 

I have often thought about making models of just one part of a subject as you have done here. It’s not something that’s often done but it allows large subjects to be tackled in large-scales.


This is a good example of the kind of ‘partial’ model that I sometimes consider.


Nice job.

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Steve, I've been given a build 1/32 B-24 of which I will only use the nose for a mini scene with two wingcockpit figures. 😉



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On 5/18/2020 at 7:21 AM, dcrfan said:

US roundel and RAF tail flash?  Please tell the story. 


Maybe I should have indeed.

Plenty of 57thFG and 79th (and here 324thFG) FG in North Africa retained the tail flash. I don't know if these were P40s intended for the RAF or if it was an additional mean for ID (although plenty of US P40 in NA didn't the tail flash eiter...).

However, on march 13th 1943 P40F from 314FS/324FG battled with some Bf109. In the melee Major F Wortley was shot down behind ennemy lines and successfully belly-landed. He managed to walk back to his unit. There is a photo of the downed aircraft (taken by allied troops once the front line shifted) p45 in the Osprey book "P40 aces of the MTO".



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