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1/72 Airfix Fokker E.III Eindecker

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Started this last night because I am bored, the wife told me to do my nails.  In other words start a new kit - she associates the smell of Tamiya Extra Thin with doing your nails.

I thought this would be a simple build, but I think Airfix have got the colours wrong.

I have glued some plastic and done a bit of painting but I am not sure about the colours to use.










Thanks for stopping by for a look.



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I built one of these two years ago. It is a lovely kit. I found the undercarriage especially the axel was very delicate. If I were doing it again I’d replace the axle with brass rod.


i did mine oob and the stripe was murder to align properly, again if I were doing the kit again I’d mask and paint it rather than use the decals.


As fair as I know most eindekkers were natural linen. There are schemes out there, that are a very light olive colour the Austrian machines may have been that colour.



Riggings a bit thick but it looks well on the shelf.

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how did you guys get the sides onto the bottom strip? ive discovered on mine that although there is no flash on the sides, the sides of that wall behind the seat is NOT correctly molded, and as i cannot remove it vis a vis, its glue in too well, that a big bump is formed at that spot and the gap is horrid...


and the whole thing looks like crap ... 


and as the stupid engineers didnt design correctly dimensioned pins to isnert into the holes,  the sides cannot be glued together seperately


seriously.. who decides a .4mm pin to slide into a 1mm hole...

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