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Hawker Hunter Mk.9 Conversion (for Airfix) & 230 Gal Tanks 1:48 AeroCraft Models

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Hawker Hunter Mk.9 Conversion (for Airfix) & 230 Gal Tanks

1:48 AeroCraft Models




There was little doubt that once the new Airfix Hunter was released that there would be plenty of options being produced for it. As they are some parts for the Mark 9 in the kit, Ali has now produced the rest of the parts needed and the larger drop tanks. As always they parts look good and will need only minimal clean up.




Hunter Mark 9 Conversion Set

This allows the Airfix Mk .6 Hunter to be converted to a Mark 9. There are new ailerons (these are more accurate thatn the kit parts with the centre hinge in the correct position)., flaps and an airbrake. The wing needs to have a few small changes made to enable a Mk.9 to be built, so 4 small parts are provided (not shown) to do just that. The first are fitted to the underside of the wing to represent the changes required for the 230 gallon tanks to be carried. The other are the two small aerodynamic blisters added to the top of the wings.







Hunter 230 Gallon Drop Tanks

These are the larger drop tanks seen on the Mk.9 They are in 3 parts with extra stay braces. 






Review samples courtesy of



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