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White Winter Camouflage Solution Set SP02 (A.MIG-7803)


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White Winter Camouflage Solution Set SP02 (A.MIG-7803)

Ammo of Mig Jiménez




During winter conditions, fighting doesn’t just stop because the weather is inclement, whether it is rain, wind or snow.  Winter snow is incredibly harsh on vehicles and crews, with many succumbing to harsh weather during WWII on the eastern front predominantly, but also in the west.  In order to reduce the visibility of their tanks and other vehicles during winter, a water-based “distemper” paint similar to whitewash was applied over the standard camouflage, often with brooms in a slapdash manner or in camouflage stripes/blotches.  Subsequent use of the vehicle, meltwater and mud from boots and overalls can result in a patchy finish to the white, as can scratches and scrapes of everyday traffic and passing vegetation.




For years there have been techniques to use in order to depict this camouflage, but this boxed set of everything you need to make a winter AFV, including white paints, dirt effects and subtle filters to change aspects of the finish, and of course the chipping fluid.  It arrives in a large flat box with all the bottles in two plastic trays and any small space taken up with a piece of dense foam to reduce movement within.  In the box you get the following:


A.MIG-0024 Washable White Camo 17ml eyedropper bottle

A.MIG-0050 Matt White 17ml eyedropper bottle

A.MIG-1010 Neutral Wash 35ml screw cap bottle

A.MIG-1205 Streaking Grime For Winter Vehicles 35ml screw cap bottle

A.MIG-3501 White 10ml Oilbrusher

A.MIG-1254 Rust 10ml Oilbrusher

A.MIG-1255 Winter Grime 10ml Oilbrusher

A.MIG-1500 Brown For White Filter 35ml screw cap bottle

A.MIG-1502 Dark Grey For White Filter 35ml screw cap bottle

A.MIG-2011 Heavy Chipping Effects Fluid 35ml screw cap bottle




There are no instructions for the set within the box, but you can find plenty of videos on AMMO’s YouTube channel, and in order to save you a little time, we’ve assembled a few below that will help you with learning what they’re for and how to use them correctly.  The videos have English and Spanish captions for the most part, so you should be able to get a good head start on becoming an expert.  The Chipping Fluid is the important part, and the heavy version has been included with the set to allow the flexibility of removing big chunks as well as fine scratches.


White wash and chipping tutorial


The difference between washable white & chipping techniques


Streaking Grime in action (can also be used for Oil Brushers)



As a Solution Pack, this is a highly comprehensive set and well-named too, with everything included to which you add the white spirit, paintbrushes and a model to use it on.  If you’re a bit short on paintbrushes right now, AMMO have you covered here, with white spirit available from them (you’ll know it works), or your hardware store if you choose the high quality brands.


Highly recommended.




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