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Spitfire PR XIX , Indian Air Force question

Troy Smith

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This image, 



A PR MK XIX of 101 PR Flt at Palam in the early 1950s. Note overall PR blue scheme and white band on tail. This aircraft appears to have PR blue spinner as well, although other commentators have said that these were black.

taken from http://www.bharat-rakshak.com/IAF/aircraft/past/919-spitfire.html#Mk XIX


This is a @Linescriber   question.   Are there any other images is the obvious one.....  or,  any idea of serial?

the linked site has, but these are the IAF serial, not the British ones, 


02.06.49 /13 /PR XIX / HS693-HS 705


1953 / 1 / PR XIX / HS 964



One detail not mentioned in the caption,  but just visible,  and a feature of other Indian AF Spitfires and Tempests,  are the white wing tips, or black on NMF types

like this



I ask, as a PRU Blue Spitfire with the IAF green/white/saffron roundels and white wings tips and fuselage band would make a very striking subject.


PS a different search term turned up this

this shows what I meant about a striking subject..  even more so with the white wing tips.





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Hi Troy,


If you can get access to the superb "Spitfires in the Sun" by Vikram Singh there are a few photos, not of the highest quality, of PRXIX's in this scheme - HS702 and HS961, there is also a photo of an unidentified one. There is also a profile of HS701 in the scheme (for what it's worth)


All are in PRU blue, with white wingtips and fuselage band, and the tri-colour type roundels. Spinners all appear to be PRU blue and not black.


If you can't get hold or sight of the book, let me know.


All the best,


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2 hours ago, Sky dancer said:

If you can get access to the superb "Spitfires in the Sun"

sadly, no.  It's now OOP

I have corresponded with the author, and asked him,  he suggested the Aviation Bookshop in Tunbridge Wells,  which is reasonably close to me  and on one of my visits asked them*. Long gone.  There were mumblings about them doing a reprint.  


One amusing thing, a member of my local IPMS is a airline pilot, but ex RAF, I had regaled him with corresponding with the author,  and was in India, near the IAF museum,  went up there, and couldn't get near the hangars, got chatting to a staff member, and in conversation about Spitfire markings it became apparent it was the author... so that made for an even more interesting conversation.


*I got to meet Roy Cross there as well, which allowed me to say loudly to tell him "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" ...with a smile.  He was there for a book signing and I'd been chatting before I was give a clue who he was... We chatted a bit, he seemed disappointed more folk do not know his ship paintings, but I was assuring him how much pleasure and inspiration his box art work for Airfix had given to countless people.

2 hours ago, Sky dancer said:

If you can't get hold or sight of the book, let me know.

 I need to make some PM space, but there is an email on the IPMS link on my SIG 


Glad to know there are more photos and serial tie ins.   Amazed I have not seen a model done.  (not that I have looked much but none turned up in an image search) 




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