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a VE for the VE group build - Operation Revival B-17


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Now what does that mean? Let me explain by first quoting from the GB Chat:


Wez: "8.  The onus will be on the modeller to provide evidence that their subject is in keeping with the rules (e.g. vppelt68 would have to provide the evidence substantiating his proposed Fortress used for the repatriation of PoW's)." 


Moi: Wez is this good enough evidence? This link leads us to a German museum exhibition about Operation Revival and shows a 535th BS of the 381st BG B-17 MS*I (also marked as MS*S) "Crack-A-Dawn". We do know the museum historians can cut corners when choosing pictures and film material, unlike we modellers , but I keep digging for more proof...



Wez: This is just the sort of evidence needed, I'm not expecting people to go rummaging through the national archives, just something that backs up their choice of subject. I'll add your name to the list.


END QUOTE. I do have that "Crack-A-Dawn" as a back-up-plan, but also I will try to find proof of a specific 532nd Bomb Squadron aircraft of the same Bomb Group, to be built in this GB using the excellent Airfix recent tool kit. The 532nd BS squadron code in the fuselage? Of course it was VE!



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Another great subject, it must have been an uncomfortable ride back from Germany in the back of a bomber but I'm sure the RAF and the USAAF were keen to help repatriate former PoW's and for their part, I'm sure the PoW's didn't care how they got home, as long as they got there!

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Wez, the stories I´ve read about Op. Revival testify that no-one complained about the ride comfort! There were some people that had spent more than two years in the lagers.  It was a touching story to read about one ex-PoW pilot that was offered a chance to fly a part of the journey. Talk about a better way to feel you´ve been liberated?


Oh, I might end up using a Hasegawa G-kit instead. We´ll see. V-P

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Nice choice V-P


My grandfather flew repatriation sorties with his crew on Lancaster’s so will be watching with interest. 



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On 08/05/2020 at 09:13, vppelt68 said:

There were some people that had spent more than two years in the lagers.  


Wow and I thought that the Scots got a hard time over our alcohol consumption !


Yes yes I know......:coat:


Great choice V-P


Cheers Pat

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