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BEA colours advice

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Hi all! 

hope you’re all coping well with lockdown, looking for some advice please, currently working on a AA Trident, looking to do the speed jack BEA scheme, I’m just stuck on what shade the tail should be, as it’s quite a strange blue shade looking at reference photos. 

any advice would be amazing please, both rattlecan or paint mixture for airbrushing would be fine :) 


thank you 

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I don't know if it's the same shade, but the instructions in my Airfix Comet in BEA markings says to use Humbrol 15 'Midnight blue' to paint the tail fin.

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Xtracolor X550 is the only paint which matches the elusive BEA green/blue. If you are using 26 Decals it is a perfect match to the cheatlines. I've used the combination of X550 and 26 Decals on a Trident and a Vanguard with good results.


Dave G

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