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Scratch built 1:20 scale B17G boxed and ready to ship out to U.S.A

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Just caught up with the last update Fozzy. The end must be near now and after 10 years you must be just about knackered with it! Well worth the effort from where I'm sitting. I can't help but wonder what the next project will be. ;)



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8 hours ago, Fozzy said:


Cheers!....and what a great idea!...I love the Hawker Hart!....would look great in a larger scale....looking forward to seeing it!😃

Welcome Mate! Every time I come to look at your post  I am truly impressed! 

The Hart is a great looking plane, especially in the doped Silver interwar colouring.  It's a big model already so maybe double it ! 


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Hi to all!


I have been busy in the last week or so trying to get this project moving on to completion...even though I have had a few distractions like mowing oceans of grass in my garden and keeping the Tax man off me!

However I did manage to start on what will be the very last of the interior detail of this fuselage.....and that is the waist gunners positions.

I haven't done a lot but every little helps to get me closer to the end!...as I believe Mr Tesco's would say!...although it has got absolutely nothing to do with him!


I started by cutting all the pieces of wire to represent the rounds that will go into the ammunition boxes (you can see the top layer in the box if you're wondering why I would do that!😉)




The boxes were made out of plastic card and the rounds were placed in the top.....




After painting them this is what they look like....








After looking at a few hundred photos I checked to see what equipment was needed for both gunners . ...oxygen bottles....oxygen regulators and their indicators...flying suit heater units ...intercom boxes...bail out alarm bell  and a matchstick!!!😆

The bottles were made from Milliput...which I always find difficult to use for some reason!...the rest was made from plastic and wire.....just to let you know I didn't scratch build the matchstick!




The last 4 photos show the equipment in place....










That's all folks!


Next up will be plexiglass and guns!


Thanks for taking a peek








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Awe inspiring, those views inside the fuselage are just incredible. All from bits and bobs and a great deal of skill!👏👏👏



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I know I've said this before, but it's worth saying again.  Every time I look at these in-fuselage shots I have to ask myself is this a model or a photograph inside the real aircraft.  Absolutely stunning.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all!


Another few weeks have passed and time for another post!....done quite a bit so it will be a big post!

I have finished both waist guns except for the ammunition belt which I will have to think about as it won't be easy!


First off I had to make the swivel mechanism that holds the gun in the perspex....so this first photo shows the wooden stick I will use!....just thought you might like to see the stick!!!!




After sawing a piece off and drilling a hole and sanding....this is how it looked....






Next photo shows the 2 plates that the swivel mechanisms are bolted to...




here we have if glued to one of the window frames....




The next photo shows a dry run of the fitting of the MG....and looking at it I must remember to take the sight post off the end of the barrel as that's for the MGs without the compensating sights on!




I rummaged through my collection of clear plastic packaging and found a suitable piece to make the perspex for both windows apertures.




I already half built the guns a few weeks back and now it was time to finish them off....




....and here they are completed ....






I had to do a little research on the K-13 Sperry Compensating sights that I wanted to add to these guns....so after searching the internet and gathering the photos together I started out on the sights...






The sights took me a week to make as they are tiny and quite complicated but got there in the end....here are both the guns with the sights attached and all painted and ready to fit into the fuselage......










I glued both guns onto their mounts through the perspex and added a little more detail ..like the control cables (that I haven't a clue what they actually operate.....something to do with.... adjusting ...something!!) ....

Any how here they are in the fuselage......
















Going to have to rack my brains now for a solution on how to make the ammunition belts bend and twist from the ammo boxes to the guns.....so see you next year!


All the best and thanks for looking in!



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10 hours ago, brianthemodeller said:

Only if you build the wings…:coat:


Ha ha!😆....you just couldn't resist could you!😉

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14 minutes ago, bar side said:

A hangar in your scale Fozzy.  Might be a challenge!  This is my 1/48 Type C card mock up.  Yes that is my garage door behind for scale




Very impressive! ....I wouldn't have enough room to build one for my B17 !...let alone display it!😲

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  • Fozzy changed the title to Scratch built 1:20 scale B17G boxed and ready to ship out to U.S.A

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