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Dodge WC51, surplus firefighter, 1/72nd scale...

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Here is the WiP thread...


This is the additional kit that comes with the Italeri 1/72nd scale C-119 Flying Boxcar kit, which I built over a year ago and posted in the Aircraft section of BM.  For this build I wanted to do something less military so I searched for some good references for surplus firefighting vehicles, the type one might see in forested or mountainous areas.  I found plenty.  


The kit is a fun little number, with fine detail and decent fitting although I did have to fettle and fray a bit here and there.  The pump housing, reels, hoses, Indian tank, etc...are all scratch-built.  The bucket is from some resin farm gear set I have.  The colours are all Vallejo or Vallejo Air and I weathered with oil pin-washing, dry-brushing, and some FloryWash for the tires.  The dirt is from the garden is from of my house.  All the rest is OOB...or bag, as it were.














Many thanks!  Now that I am warmed up on vehicles, I'll get into the Rolls armoured car I have been caring around for a few years...




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