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Corsair landing light location, photographs?

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Can anyone point me to a good photograph of the landing light (sometimes referred to as the "approach light") on the -1D Corsair wing leading edge? It should be on the left wing just inboard of the guns. The 1/48 Tamiya kit has the incorrect earlier circular landing light on the wing underside that I need to fill and replace with the above. The kit has a small rectangular panel that looks like it's in the right place but I'd like to confirm.


On a similar note, where was the gun camera window located? There appears to be another similar rectangular panel I can open up on the right side, so if that's supposed to be the gun camera I can open that up too while I'm at it, but I would like some confirmation.



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P.S, to previeous

Here it is visible on real thing



However, on late variants I cannot find it on left wing....

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