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Rey’s Speeder - Hot Wheels

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I would love to build a kit of this, but it doesn’t look likely that there will be one, so I took a punt on getting the Hot Wheels die cast Speeder from The Force Awakens. It’s pretty poor in many ways, but I’m going to have a stab at making it a bit more realistic. No idea of the scale (1/35?)

This is how it looks to start with. The net is awful, there’s a big join and the colour is wrong (I can see that and I’m colour-blind!)


Rey Speeder


Still hoping for a Razor Crest kit. Maybe I’ll see how this works out and get the Hot Wheels one.

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Some surgery... This was scary as it’s a one-way trip! Managed to slice my finger. Doh!



I have found a replacement net. Just need to work out how to fit it. Then fill it with scavenged star destroyer parts.


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To give you an idea of the size, here she is with a standard reference size paint jar!




And with a Bandai Vehicle Model Falcon (bottom) and the Hot Wheels Falcon at the top.




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