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A few months ago on this forum I saw Andy Moore's work on this subject which was of great inspiration for me.

I have always been a Star Wars lover so occasionally I allow myself a distraction from my planes, just for fun and to experiment with some new painting techniques.


The Sci-Fi are pure fun, no rules and then these new Bandai kits are a fairy tale, perfect joints, zero burrs, the sprue attaches to the very thin pieces that leave almost no trace ....


some small details added to the cockpit, using remains palstic and photoetchted spare parts, the only drawback are the seats that have the pins for the pilots' figures so if you don't put them you have to cut them away and rebuilt the padding.




then primer, I tried this Mig One Shot which in theory should be sprayed as it is but which I have diluted with the Vallejo thinner, it does not reach the same fineness as the MrSurface 1500 but it smells a hundred times less and then the plastic of the Bandai fears the aggressive solvents......




then black base technique with chromatic variations in sand and medium gray before the final color. I used an RLm Grau 02 for the interiors, I like the tone and so I train for the next 109E ...




then the usual technique, details painted with Vallejo, clear coat, washes, flat coat and drybrush finish with oils to give volume .....














that's all for now, I hope you like it.
See you soon with other updates.

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I update the wip of the "space chicken".

I wanted to put a captain to enhance the vehicle, so I bought the STL file online from SkulForge Studio and printed it in 3D with the help of a friend.
You can see the result in the picture, not bad at all both in terms of definition and detail ........





I believe this is the near future of model making, at least for accessories, detail set and figures.

After the assembly of all the parts, I moved on to the primer painting, I preferred to leave the parts disassembled because after it will be easier for the weatherig process .........




Usual black base.
This time I used Mig's ONE SHOT instead of the usual Mr. Finishing Surfacer. This primer should be given pure, but I have diluted it slightly with the Vallejo thinner.
The result was very satisfying, not at the level of the Gunze primer with the Leveling Thinner, but my lungs thank me.




Then mixed spots with Blu ....




RLM 78 and then sand and gray (I don't have photos of the last two)




Final coloring with light shades of gray mixed by me, I wanted a slightly "glacial" shade with bluish shades so I mixed at random (but the percentages I wrote them) Dark sea gray + Rlm78 + Light Gray until a satisfactory color was obtained .......




With all the pieces organized, I started covering with thin layers of very diluted color (about 80%) ........




Here is the result .......







Next step, washes, oils and weathering ...... stuff from tank model makers.
We will see what it will be!

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