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Newbie - 1/350 Trumpeter T23 Question

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taken modelling up again to help pass the time during lockdown.

Early days on the Trumpeter 1/350 Type 23 (Monmouth) and already managed to trash one of the PE parts (never had them when I was a kid!!!).

As I brought the Grafton out of build from Scotstoun (As the Radio Supervisor) , what changes would I have to make (apart from DLF2) to replicate her??


Thanks in advance.



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Hello George and welcome to BM!  It's good to see another former matelot on here - there are a fair few of us.


Unfortunately I'm no expert in T23s.  They were the only major class that I didn't serve in although at one point I was lined up to be the very first T23 Flight Commander before her build went right by six months so I went to another T22 instead.  There are others on here who will be able to answer your question I'm sure.  I would however, suggest that you have a look at this WIP thread:


There's lots to learn in there about the nuances of the Trumpeter kit and Matthew's done a great job with it (other T23 WIPs are available!).

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